Focus T25 and how it worked for me


I’m thinking it’s time for a fitness related update from me.  I’ve made 2 big changes since I finished up with T25.  I’ve started a new fantastic program called Body Beast for my workouts, and I’m following the nutrition plan for The 21 Day Fix.

First things first though.. I never really did do a T25 update, did I?  Life happened. I spent a good 8-12 weeks doing the Gamma portion in various different ways because it was SO MUCH FUN!  I cannot recommend T25 Gamma enough. It was by far my favourite part of T25! I loved the muscle definition that I got from it, and I really enjoyed lifting weights a bit.  That said, don’t skip Alpha or Beta! They’re so good for preparing your body and building a super strong core. 

Focus T25 fit really well into my life because the workouts were only 25 minutes long, 5-6 days/week.  I figured out a good routine of getting them done first thing in the morning, before work.  This meant that I didn’t have a workout looming over my head all day long.  I’m not too keen on that feeling, and then it feels more like a chore.  Morning workouts make me feel strong and accomplished all day long.


I lost 6 pounds and 4 inches, but mostly felt so much stronger and leaner, with great muscle definition!  I’ve never had abs like this, nor arms that I didn’t think were flabby. Now I’m actually proud of both.

Think this program’s too tough for you? Anyone can do it! It’s a program for all levels because there’s a beginner modifier to follow too. We can all make time for a 25 minute workout!

Check out the program here, and join my next group to stay motivated and on track.

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